Oats, Bows, And Blogs.

Posted on: August 30, 2011

Blogging has always tickled my fancy. From the times of a little website called ‘’, that I religiously used in middle school, I’ve always been under the impression that internet users have wanted to read my babbles, recipes, fashion advice, and a general overview of my daily happenings.

After my jornalspace days fazed out, I began practicing actual journaling. With an actual pen… and an actual paper. Yep… they do still exist. But my love of blogging resurfaced when I fell in love with, written by a Boston native named Tina. Tina writes about her day to day routines, as well as recipes, health advice, fitness and running, her husband, Mal, and her starting off their marriage, and her adorable pug named Murphy. I was so captivated by Tina, that I decided to dive in head first and start my own  health/fitness blog. My first blog was on blogger, titled “Oat n’ Bows”. A play on “Boats n Hoes”, a catchy, and offensive tune from the film “Step Brothers”. “Oats” stood for my love of healthy food, and “Bows” represented my love of fashion. Blogger produced a steady amount of readership. However, when I became gluten intolerant and was put on a strict diet that forbid all bread products, I was looking for more support and networking. I came across Tumblr as a more efficient way to network than blogger, and I kept my name.

Though I have never used wordpress, I feel like it’s a marriage between what I am familiar with, Blogger and Tumblr. There’s more of a command for text posts like on blogger, and the dashboard reminds me of that on Tumblr. It seems very user friendly, and I didn’t have to offer much help in class to my non-blogger classmates. I have high hopes for wordpress, and am hoping to maybe move my blog again onto wordpress after my experience in this class.

After blogging for a few years now, one would think that I would have a very large reader population. I’d like to think that’s the case, but I know it’s not. Despite the fact that my tumblr has over 500 followers, I feel like my posts are very scatter brained. My biggest weakness is that I try to be too many things on my blog. A dietitian, a gluten free ambassador, a fashionista, a fitness guru, etc etc etc.

In the future I’d like to narrow my blog down to one, or two central idea and have a more steady readership. When I feel like I have come close to accomplishing this, I’d love to own my own domain. I have high expectations for myself as a blogger, and I hope my experience here on wordpress will broaden my horizons and help me to take Oats n’ Bows to the next level.


5 Responses to "Oats, Bows, And Blogs."

It sounds like I need to read your tumblr! I was thinking about blogging and my history with it and I totally forgot to mention a little thing called….xanga. Anyone remember that or am I really that old? How about diaryland? That is my first remembrance of a type of blogging. I love WordPress after I started working in the industry with clients because it can basically become someones website if they wanted but a lot of people still use blogger. It really just depends on what your goal is with your blog.

Im fascinated with what you wrote on your blog especially your first sentence was funny. I’m sure you will have a better experience with blogging because you are not new at it . I love food too and I’m actually curious of visiting your other blog.

It’s really impressive that you have your own blog! I would never think about having a blog that has many followers. I think my sister and best friend were my only reader haha. You have interacted with some of the blog platforms, so what was the biggest obstacle you encountered when you moved your blog?

You have more followers than I do on Tumblr and I’ve been there for almost four years! I agree that WordPress is similar to Tumblr in that it’s easy to use, but I feel like it’s more situated toward writing text posts, whereas Tumblr is more of a multi-media platform. They’re both good for their own purposes.

Oh, and I LOVE the name Oats n Bows – too cute.

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