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When I heard about this assignment in class, I thought it was going to really test my attention span. Normally, when I’m doing homework or something else that I should be giving my undivided attention to, I have the TV on while simultaneously texting, and having my laptop out with several different links to it. So I thought that this would be a real test to see how I could really work with or without these distractions. Or if I could even get rid of these distractions in the first place.

For my high distraction post, I chose I post on Australian tree frogs. Pretty random, I know. I kept the TV on, was on the phone with my boyfriend, and was periodically checking facebook, twitter, and tumblr. This is pretty standard for me on a day to day basis, so I thought my summary would be pretty decent. It wasn’t bad… but it wasn’t good. It had consisted of just little bits of information that I basically regurgitated right from the wiki into my summary. It didn’t flow. The entire thing was very choppy and extremely boring to read back. It didn’t surprise me though, because I really did have a lot of distractions.

For my low distraction post, I wanted to chose something a little bit more interesting. I was ecstatic when I saw the post about the Rugrats Chanukah special. Growing up in the 90’s in a long island, jewish household, this special was the highlight of the entire season of winter for me. Without the distractions I was really about to read it thoroughly and reminisce on what it was like. And it was totally just as awesome as I remember it. When I read it back, my summary was totally coherent and it really did flow well.

After doing this assignment I think I really need to take it to heart and stop having so many distractions. I also need to start watching Rugrats again….


A summary of the wikipedia page- “A Rugrats Chanukah”

On this popular 90’s cartoon, the Chanukah special features Grandma Minka reading the story of Chanukah to the babies. They start to let their imaginations run wild (as they always did) and begin to imagine themselves being in the story, while Tommy as Judah. Later they leave to go to Grandpa Boris’ Chanukah play at their synagogue where Boris’ rival, Shlomo is playing the King. The babies believe that he really is the king, and they dub him “The Meany of Chanukah”. They are put in the synogogue’s nursery during the play, but manage to escape in order to save Grandpa from “The Meany of Chanukah”.

On stage, Boris and Shlomo get into a altercation and begin to fight backstage. Shlomo tells Boris that his wife died before they were able to have children, which makes Boris feel empathy for him.

The babies bump into them backstage, breaking Angelicas TV which causes her to have a fit. Shlomo tries to calm them down to no avail. Tommy then hands him the book that Grandma Minka was reading them earlier of the story of Chanukah which he reads to them so they understand the meaning of Chanukah.

A brief summary on the wikipedia page Australian Green Tree Frog-

The Australian Green Tree Frog is native to Australia and New Guinea, but has also been introduced to the US and New Zealand. This frog is larger than other American tree frogs, and has a life span of 16 years. They are not harmful to people, and are often found near homes on windows or even inside a home to eat insects. They are also one of the most common exotic pets, since they serve no risk to human health of safety. The only issue with keeping them as a pet, is over feeding. The frog will easily overeat and become obese.

They are nocturnal, and usually find a cool, dark place to hide during the day time. They mostly eat spiders, and other insects. Their natural predators are snakes and birds, but they are also prey to cats and dogs since they are often around humans. However, they are not at all in danger of becoming extinct.

Upon arriving in class of Wednesday, I was hungry. I was in a bit of a rush in the morning and didn’t get to eat as much as I would’ve liked to. And I’m one of those people who eats a full breakfast every morning. So when I learned that I had an opportunity to win a bag of peanut buttery, chocolatey goodness, I was an eager beaver to get started.

When the exercise first started, I was texting my group leader things like: “I went to the Kansas page, then I clicked George W. Bush, then that linked to Dallas, TX”. This was pretty loaded… especially considering he was receiving the same texts from 3 other group members. So by about the third time, I had narrowed it down to “Pikachu>Japan>US>Dallas”. Thus making it straight and to the point.

This taught me a lot about communication actually. It taught me not to use such loaded sentences when I’m trying to get my point across to someone. Especially under crunched time.

If I would’ve been more concise from the beginning, maybe we would’ve won the Reeses. But I took a trip to the vending machine after class and got Reeses with my own money. Not ideal, but close enough…

I’ve done a lot of blogging in the past. Oh man that sentence was just oozing with “nerd”. But anyway… with all of the blogging I’ve done I’ve never really considered copyrights. Perhaps I didn’t think I was producing anything worth copyrighting, or maybe I just didn’t understand copyright laws on blogs. So I’m very glad that we learned about and a little bit about copyrighting on blogs.

For our blog, EMAC n’ Cheese, we chose to not allow commercial use of our work. I see us actually using some custom recipes on our blog, and we wouldn’t want anyone taking those recipes and marketing them as their own in a cookbook or a magazine and making money off of it. If anything we produced were to make money, we’d want a share of it. There fore, we don’t want to allow commercial use.

As far as adding modifications, we chose “yes, as long as others share alike”. Copyrights for recipes are a little weird. Only the list of ingredients is copyrighted. And honestly, nearly every time I reblog, or reuse a recipe I find on someone else’s blog, I always modify the instructions. It’s hard not to do so if you want to be original. It’s perfectly reasonable for someone to take a recipe that we produce and just modify the instructions to “bake for 20 minutes” instead of “bake for 15 minutes”. Not a problem in my book 🙂

Blogging really is my bliss, and I’m so grateful to be learning so much more about it and going so much deeper every day.

So, I think I’ve made it clear that I like tumblr. And as we discussed in class, tumblr is somewhat notorious for reusing the material of other bloggers, by using the reblog button.

So, today I’d like to make an example of the food/fitness blog “Be fit never quit”, reblogging a post from popular recipie blogger, “Undressed Skeleton” which can be seen here:

There could be a few different reason that a blogger like Be Fit Never Quit would reblog a recipie from Undressed Skeleton. One of which could be to just have a note on a post of a very popular blogger. On tumblr when you reblog a post, a link to your blog will show up whenever someone else tries to reblog the post from the original poster.

Also, one would reblog a post like this just because they are trying to use the information to add to their own blog. They see a recipie they like, and they try to share it with others in an effort to be helpful, and informative.

In my opinion, the reblog and re-usage system is what sets tumblr apart from other blogging platforms. And the example above shows how that the tumblr community features bloggers that reblog posts to feed of the popularity of the original poster, or to just be informative.

Where as using something like wordpress, or blogger, taking a blog post can be tricky, and it often can be seen as stealing. However, its still possible to steal on tumblr. It’s simple to just copy and paste and image and write it off as your own. However, I feel like the tumblr community really has made the reblog button a norm, and has made stealing something that is frowned upon.

Being such a tumblr dork, there was no where I could compare our group blog idea to anything other than a blog hosted by my beloved tumblr. “Undressed Skeleton” is written by a twenty-something that has achieved a great weight loss through her own personal recipes. Though our group blog, EMAC n’ Cheese will be more so about cultural recipes, my own identity on the blog will be healthy, and gluten free food.

Taralynn has gained a significant following on tumblr and I think this can be contributed to her content and organization. All of her recipes are organized into categorized links (“striking salads”, “very vegan”, etc.). Taralynn also features great photography. However, I’ve noticed after following her for quite sometime, I’ve noticed a recent jump in her followers that I think is great influenced by her influx in use of social networking on twitter, and facebook. Taralynn encourages her followers to post their own pictures of her recipes when they make them, which increases traffic to her blog and raises attention towards her recipes.

Though it takes a long time to build up a blog, I think EMAC n’ Cheese can learn from Tarlynn’s organization, useful content, precise photography, and her promotion via social networking to help our blog grow.

If you want to check out Taralynn’s blog, go ahead and click here-
for a good read 🙂