EMAC n’ Cheese meets Undressed Skeleton

Posted on: September 4, 2011

Being such a tumblr dork, there was no where I could compare our group blog idea to anything other than a blog hosted by my beloved tumblr. “Undressed Skeleton” is written by a twenty-something that has achieved a great weight loss through her own personal recipes. Though our group blog, EMAC n’ Cheese will be more so about cultural recipes, my own identity on the blog will be healthy, and gluten free food.

Taralynn has gained a significant following on tumblr and I think this can be contributed to her content and organization. All of her recipes are organized into categorized links (“striking salads”, “very vegan”, etc.). Taralynn also features great photography. However, I’ve noticed after following her for quite sometime, I’ve noticed a recent jump in her followers that I think is great influenced by her influx in use of social networking on twitter, and facebook. Taralynn encourages her followers to post their own pictures of her recipes when they make them, which increases traffic to her blog and raises attention towards her recipes.

Though it takes a long time to build up a blog, I think EMAC n’ Cheese can learn from Tarlynn’s organization, useful content, precise photography, and her promotion via social networking to help our blog grow.

If you want to check out Taralynn’s blog, go ahead and click here-
for a good read 🙂


2 Responses to "EMAC n’ Cheese meets Undressed Skeleton"

First of all, you’re a genius. Awesome title, definitely top 5 all time gretest titles ever. Secondly, I am so interested in this for reasons I cannot explain! I think you have done a really nice job, already, of communicating the types of things readers can expect from your blog and it makes me, a twenty-something who burns toast and has never even known anyone who has eatten gluten free, really facinated in what this could bring to my metaphorical “table”….or maybe my literal one 🙂 Check out Taralynn’s blog too, I’m so stoked about this project! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Nice, yes I believe interaction is key to many blogs successes. As someone that just finally moved out of my parents house, trying to stay away from easymac and instant ramen is starting to become a little more difficult than imagined. I’m looking forward to recipes that come from your groups blog.

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