Tumblr reblogs and re-usage

Posted on: September 13, 2011

So, I think I’ve made it clear that I like tumblr. And as we discussed in class, tumblr is somewhat notorious for reusing the material of other bloggers, by using the reblog button.

So, today I’d like to make an example of the food/fitness blog “Be fit never quit”, reblogging a post from popular recipie blogger, “Undressed Skeleton” which can be seen here:

There could be a few different reason that a blogger like Be Fit Never Quit would reblog a recipie from Undressed Skeleton. One of which could be to just have a note on a post of a very popular blogger. On tumblr when you reblog a post, a link to your blog will show up whenever someone else tries to reblog the post from the original poster.

Also, one would reblog a post like this just because they are trying to use the information to add to their own blog. They see a recipie they like, and they try to share it with others in an effort to be helpful, and informative.

In my opinion, the reblog and re-usage system is what sets tumblr apart from other blogging platforms. And the example above shows how that the tumblr community features bloggers that reblog posts to feed of the popularity of the original poster, or to just be informative.

Where as using something like wordpress, or blogger, taking a blog post can be tricky, and it often can be seen as stealing. However, its still possible to steal on tumblr. It’s simple to just copy and paste and image and write it off as your own. However, I feel like the tumblr community really has made the reblog button a norm, and has made stealing something that is frowned upon.


1 Response to "Tumblr reblogs and re-usage"

I love that you’re a tumblr expert because I have never used it. It seems so interesting when you talk about it in class and I know I need to explore it more, especially after learning about all this reuse stuff this week. I like that you pointed out that the informative aspects are what people are usually trying to display when reblogging. Alot of times it’s not that people are trying to steal, it’s just that they don’t cite correctly. Loved what you had to say!!!

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