Creative Commons

Posted on: September 17, 2011

I’ve done a lot of blogging in the past. Oh man that sentence was just oozing with “nerd”. But anyway… with all of the blogging I’ve done I’ve never really considered copyrights. Perhaps I didn’t think I was producing anything worth copyrighting, or maybe I just didn’t understand copyright laws on blogs. So I’m very glad that we learned about and a little bit about copyrighting on blogs.

For our blog, EMAC n’ Cheese, we chose to not allow commercial use of our work. I see us actually using some custom recipes on our blog, and we wouldn’t want anyone taking those recipes and marketing them as their own in a cookbook or a magazine and making money off of it. If anything we produced were to make money, we’d want a share of it. There fore, we don’t want to allow commercial use.

As far as adding modifications, we chose “yes, as long as others share alike”. Copyrights for recipes are a little weird. Only the list of ingredients is copyrighted. And honestly, nearly every time I reblog, or reuse a recipe I find on someone else’s blog, I always modify the instructions. It’s hard not to do so if you want to be original. It’s perfectly reasonable for someone to take a recipe that we produce and just modify the instructions to “bake for 20 minutes” instead of “bake for 15 minutes”. Not a problem in my book 🙂

Blogging really is my bliss, and I’m so grateful to be learning so much more about it and going so much deeper every day.


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