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Posted on: September 27, 2011

A summary of the wikipedia page- “A Rugrats Chanukah”

On this popular 90’s cartoon, the Chanukah special features Grandma Minka reading the story of Chanukah to the babies. They start to let their imaginations run wild (as they always did) and begin to imagine themselves being in the story, while Tommy as Judah. Later they leave to go to Grandpa Boris’ Chanukah play at their synagogue where Boris’ rival, Shlomo is playing the King. The babies believe that he really is the king, and they dub him “The Meany of Chanukah”. They are put in the synogogue’s nursery during the play, but manage to escape in order to save Grandpa from “The Meany of Chanukah”.

On stage, Boris and Shlomo get into a altercation and begin to fight backstage. Shlomo tells Boris that his wife died before they were able to have children, which makes Boris feel empathy for him.

The babies bump into them backstage, breaking Angelicas TV which causes her to have a fit. Shlomo tries to calm them down to no avail. Tommy then hands him the book that Grandma Minka was reading them earlier of the story of Chanukah which he reads to them so they understand the meaning of Chanukah.


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