Reflection on the previous posts

Posted on: September 27, 2011

When I heard about this assignment in class, I thought it was going to really test my attention span. Normally, when I’m doing homework or something else that I should be giving my undivided attention to, I have the TV on while simultaneously texting, and having my laptop out with several different links to it. So I thought that this would be a real test to see how I could really work with or without these distractions. Or if I could even get rid of these distractions in the first place.

For my high distraction post, I chose I post on Australian tree frogs. Pretty random, I know. I kept the TV on, was on the phone with my boyfriend, and was periodically checking facebook, twitter, and tumblr. This is pretty standard for me on a day to day basis, so I thought my summary would be pretty decent. It wasn’t bad… but it wasn’t good. It had consisted of just little bits of information that I basically regurgitated right from the wiki into my summary. It didn’t flow. The entire thing was very choppy and extremely boring to read back. It didn’t surprise me though, because I really did have a lot of distractions.

For my low distraction post, I wanted to chose something a little bit more interesting. I was ecstatic when I saw the post about the Rugrats Chanukah special. Growing up in the 90’s in a long island, jewish household, this special was the highlight of the entire season of winter for me. Without the distractions I was really about to read it thoroughly and reminisce on what it was like. And it was totally just as awesome as I remember it. When I read it back, my summary was totally coherent and it really did flow well.

After doing this assignment I think I really need to take it to heart and stop having so many distractions. I also need to start watching Rugrats again….


3 Responses to "Reflection on the previous posts"

Wow I def never have noticed that my papers may be not as great because of all the distractions I give myself. This is so interesting! I LOVE RUGRATS CHANNUKAH! Being a Jew it’s always hard finding tv shows or movies that recognize Judaism. I love their passover episode too, its pretty awesome. I think all of the rugrats episodes are on netflix, but I’m not sure about all the holiday specials.

I love this post! So funny its about rugrats! I can’t believe you actually found that on the wiki page to summarize. Too cute. I totally understand where you are coming from with you’re distractions. I think after this assignment most of us realized it’s crazy how much work you can actually get done without any distractions! GO RUGRATS! woo!

I completely understand the point of that test, it’s amazing just how many distractions there are out there! With the use of computers, phones, the internet etc. we multi-task more than ever, even when attempting to work. I found myself reading and watching catch-up tv the other day!
p.s. I used to love the Rugrats 🙂
p.p.s Your blog is really interesting, I’m glad you commented on mine so that I could read yours!

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