Filter experience

Posted on: October 4, 2011

I’m pretty much tethered to my computer from the first minute I wake up. So after I go ahead and update my personal blog, I check my email on the yahoo homepage. Since I don’t want to wake my roommate with the TV, this is also where I get my news. I only really skim through pre-filtered headlines. The Amanda Knox media coverage caught my eye, and I found the headline to be pretty un-biased, and straight forward, which was very surprsing considering how bias this whole case had been. It was pretty refreshing.

Next, I went over to facebook and followed the daily routine of notifications, new-feeds, birthdays, messages, and so on and so forth. All that good facebook stuff. Also on a daily basis I notice the ads that appear on facebook. At first, I didn’t ever really realize how filtered these ads really were. I thought they were purely coincidental. But now that I know the truth, it’s almost humorous to test it out. Generally I have clothing ad’s, and random food items. So I decided to go on some facebook rant about my cat on my friends wall, and presto! My ads were filled with cats. It’s crazy to think how much facebook is really in our head on that one.

A filter where they are not so much in our head is the new newsfeed. They’re definitely trying to filter it to further help their ads, but it’s not really working… or for me at least.

This exercise showed me a little bit of what I already knew, but I got to emphasize and focus on it, and have some fun with kitty ads. Good show.


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I’ve noticed that too – They are clearly up in our biznass!

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