Google Filtering

Posted on: October 18, 2011

My boyfriend often laughs at me with how much of an internet junkie I am. Since he’s an Albanian immigrant, who’s only been here two years, he hasn’t quite caught on to where the rest of us Americans with our obsession of the internet. Really I don’t think that we realize how much the internet has forced its way into our psyche, as well as google.

My own personal blog, is a food and health blog. My top SEO search of all time is “Albanian boyfriend”, because of my mentioning of him I assume. However, it’s misleading really. When people google, “Albanian boyfriend” they find a food blog. Wether it’s my own SEO missteps, or googles POV, it’s misleading. Personally, what I do to control googles POV on my own web content, is to be more specific and really use the correct key words and tags. When I’m looking for other web content, I try to narrow my own search, and look past the first few pages that google provides… because that’s generally where you’re going to find the weird stuff.

I feel that google should be in charge of it’s own regulating, since there really isn’t an internet police. They should be keeping tabs on their own filters and the tags that they provide. They should be looking at keywords, and searches and their results to find if they’re misleading. Such as when a American teen thinks that her perspective Albanian boyfriend will repeat what we saw in the movie Taken, she shouldn’t have to find my food blog.

This should be a somewhat foreseeable task. Google is not the only one of it’s kind (there’s still Bing, Yahoo, etc). However, Google is the main source, and if they want to stay that way in a market that is constantly changing, I think that they should impliment something to create a more navigable internet. I think it’s plausible, and would be totally ideal for both parties (google, and the public).


1 Response to "Google Filtering"

i get a lot of crazy searches on my blog – a lot of them have to do with porn…which ive never tagged!

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