Posted on: October 31, 2011

I started blogging at a surprisingly young age. From submitting different types of short stories, to poetry to various different websites, I was always blogging. However, it was always for myself. So when I started blogging for an audience, I really didn’t understand tagging. And sometimes, I don’t even understand it to this day.

On my personal, health/gluten free blog, my number one SEO search is “Albanian Boyfriend”. Regardless of the fact that my blog has nothing to do with anything about Albanian boyfriends other than I have one myself. It makes me wonder, what I’m doing wrong.

Even though I’m not good with it myself, tagging is really the reason why I do or do not enjoy a website. The ease of being able to find something is key in making something user friendly. On all of the blogs that I enjoy, the bloggers always organize topics like “recipes” or “exercise” with the correct tagging. I’m always able to find exactly where I’m going, and I always come back again. And the same goes for all other visitors.

Even though blogging is newer media, and technology it still follows the basic business model of pleasing the customer by having a well oiled tagging system. After talking about it in class, I really understand that if I want to be successful in the blogosphere, I need to properly tag my blog, so my biggest SEO search won’t be something that my blog isn’t about.


1 Response to "Tagging"

Tagging really makes things much easier to find. It sort of is like a index to what all the website has to offer without making users think of something that they think of what they would like to see. By the way, I really like your blog and your writing style. Its easy to read, and keeps me intrigued.

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