Digital Divide

Posted on: November 2, 2011

I found reading the digital divide, very unsettling. The reading discussed statistics and stereotypes against minorities in relation to the internet. Such as calling myspace “ghetto” only for the reason that young african american girls are using it, and how less likely minorities are to purchase things like smart phones. Also, we see popular trending topics on twitter that are geared towards segreating groups, and reinforcing stereotypes, which I have often seen myself.

With how far we’ve come in racism, and sexism, it’s incredibly troubling that people still have these separations. Personally, I don’t understand what race, or sex has to do with effect of how we use phones, and websites like twitter. We use our phones for entertainment. We use of phones to communicate. We shouldn’t be using phone user statistics as a way to divide and segregate groups.

These groups are what we make them, and what we define them. In my mind, perhaps the only segregation that we can make for something like technology is economic. Only because it effects what one can afford. However, I think that the digital divide is something that we could do without. I’m sure we all look forward to the day that no matter what race, or gender we are, we can all enjoy the same products, and the same opportunities.


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