Posted on: November 8, 2011

Last week, when we were covering accessibility I found myself sort of blind sided (really, no cold-hearted pun intended). Disability, and economic incapability is something that we do encounter in our every day lives. It comes into play in post every aspect of life. But for some reason, I didn’t even consider how it effects the use of internet.

I have considered before hand how economic capabilities effect the internet. I do recall living in New York growing up, when computers and the internet first started being used in schools. We mostly had to do everything that required working on a computer there in school, in the computer lab. Though my family had a few computers since my parents had a home office for the business that they owned, many of my peers didn’t have computers. They were just too new, and too expensive. Even though that computers are much more mainstream now, there are still plenty of people that simply don’t have the economic capability to purchase them. Of course there are libraries, and public internet cafes, but I don’t know if we’re doing enough to make it as accessible in ones home who isn’t as economically well off.

As for physical disability, I really never even considered it. When we used the screen reader in class, I was so thrown off by it. It was annoying, it was wordy, and for the most part, it didn’t even make sense. It would often just say “html”, or “web homepage”. It wouldn’t read tweets, and it said all sorts of strange things with tumblr. Obviously, my opinion is biased because I have had the ability to actually see a computer screen my whole life. So perhaps my experience would be far different if I really were visually incapacitated? Regardless, I feel like this technology has a lot of kinks to work out. I feel like it’s not easy to follow along no matter what you physical state.

Over all, this lesson has been enlightening for me. It’s made me look at the internet in a whole new light, and see that its accessibility really needs to be improved.


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